Urban Decay Naked 2 Makeup tutorial


Here are the steps on how to create this look.
1. Using a fluffy brush with windshield wiper motions, apply Tease to your crease. Clean off the brush and blend out the edges using the same technique.
2. Taking YDK on a flat eyeshadow brush, pat on the entire lid, then take Chopper and highlight just the center of the lid to give it more dimension.
3. With a pointed pencil brush, outline the outer “v” using Busted and line the lower lash line. Blend out the harsh edges with a clean fluffy brush.
4. Using Foxy on an angled fluffy brush, highlight the brow bone.
5. Highlight the inner corner using Verve.
6. Re-emphasize the outer “v” with Blackout and blend, blend, blend.
7. Rim the waterline with dark brown eye pencil.
8. Apply a black liner to your top lash line.
9. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes and finish the look with a pair of false lashes.

  1. Sophie said:

    I have this palette and was never sure where to put which colour, so this is super helpful, thanks!

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