meet my pups

Sorry I’ve been MIA on here. As you can see I’ve been kinda busy. I just recently got two mini australian shepherd puppies and I got to say they are a handful; but a very satisfying, exciting and enjoyable one at that.  These two littles have brought so much joy to our little family.  We had waited on getting pups since I’ve always worked and when I was laid off last summer I made it a total priority to get us some puppies.  When I saw these two for the first time it was like angels singing “aaaahhhhhh” and I knew it was just meant to be. I couldn’t be happier and they are the sweetest most adorable pups in da world (don’t even try to say otherwise)

Love them to pieces. zooeyandrocco-6

This is my handsome Rocco!!!!

zooeyandrocco-4 zooeyandrocco

This is my gorgeous Zooey!!!



and this is what they do all day…

zooeyandrocco-20 zooeyandrocco-3

but then when they’re all pooped out they look like little doggy angels :)



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