new year’s eve makeup tutorial

happy new years blog makeup

Here is a fun New Year’s Eve Makeup Look using the Urban Decay Vice Palette.  Below is a picture of the palette and the colors that I used.
1. Applied NOISE in the inner lid area
2. Applied BLITZ in the middle lid area and blended into NOISE.
3. Placed BLACK MARKET in the outer lid and blended into the crease area with a small domed shadow brush.
4. Blended DESPERATION into the crease with a fluffy brush.
5. Used ANONYMOUS for the highlight
6. Applied UNHINGED in the bottom inner lash line area with a small pencil brush
7. Applied VICE in the outer lower lash line area with a small pencil brush
8. I lined my bottom waterline with Mac cosmetics feline kohl eyeliner.
9. I applied NYX glitter cream from the Ocean Breeze palette and used the lightest turquoise glitter in the inner bottom lash line.
10. I put on two different lashes (stacking lashes create more drama and who doesn’t love that) I used the eylure #202 and monda #62 lashes.
It’s a great look to rock for your New Year’s celebrations.  XOXOXO
makeup new years blog pic

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