Z Palette Review

As a makeup artist it is critical to shorten the load of makeup you haul around from job to job.  While I was at the LA makeup show in March, I came across these Z Palette small empty metal pans which you can use for lipsticks.  They come in packs of 10 and the large palette holds up to 50 pans and their only $4.00.  It’s so convenient to have all your lipsticks ready to use and clearly visible so you’re not looking around for a specific color which is simply amazing especially for all my lipstick lovers/hoarders like me.  Below are the two palettes that hold all my lipsticks.  I have arranged them by neutrals and vibrant colors.  You can buy them online.

  1. BooBooNinja said:

    This is epic!

  2. Tabitha said:

    Awesome colors!! I got my zpalettes a couple months ago, I love them sooo much better than the other palettes I tried before.

    • THANKS!!! They are the best but a bit pricey can’t wait for the next makeup show to get them for less

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